Memorizing Bible Verses

Published: 31st August 2005
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Are there benefits to learning Scripture verses by heart today?

In this instant world the thought of memorizing scripture verses may
seem a little outdated.

There are many ways of making scripture part of your life and that
is what is important if we want to have strong spiritual roots, and
grow a deeper relationship with God.
Having Christian music on in the day is a good way, even better
worship music. Many of our worship songs are taken straight from the
Bible, and are a great way of immersing our soul and spirit in God.

There was, however, a time in my life when I spent a lot of time and
energy memorizing verses including the Bible reference before and
after the verse.

These were my reasons at the time
1. If God's word is living and active and powerful, then why not
make it a deep part of me.
2. If I was sharing my faith then God's word has way more impact
than my words. The Bible has far more credibility and more than my
opinions, and people could go back and read it for themselves. 3. It was a tool that I wanted to develop skill in. See 2 Timothy 2
4. I could bring to mind verses that were particularly meaningful or
encouraging at times when I felt disheartened.
5. I memorized verses that God had used to speak to me about
specific things that were going o in my life at the time.

I would write the verses in little cards and carry them around with
me, practicing them in odd moments, until I was word perfect.

Although I do not do this so intentionally now, I have to say that
the ongoing effect of doing that then, was far deeper than I had
ever imagined. Even through the storms of life, I felt the impact of
God's word sown in my life taking root and producing fruit. There
developed solidness in my faith that was noticed by others. The Holy
Spirit on many occasions, sometimes many years after I had memorized
the verse, brought it to mind at a time when I really need it. Not
only to help me, but to use it for others. I may not now remember
the exact chapter and verse number, or the verse word by word, but
it never takes me long to remember the sense of it and find it if
there is a Bible close by. I may not have a Bible with me, but the
Holy Spirit is able to bring the verse I learnt many years ago right
to the front of my mind, just when I need it.

As God's Word is one of the few things that lasts for ever, I want
to put as much of it in my life as I can whatever method I use. If
you sow seeds of God's Word, you will spend your whole life time
reaping it's positive fruit in your life. Memorization is still one
of the most effective ways of doing that and I highly recommend it.

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